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Top Tips For A Captivating Sri Lankan Safari

13th September, 2017

Wide open spaces, unforgettable wildlife encounters and the freedom of riding open topped jeeps at sunset.

1. Pay attention to your guide The rules they set not only for your safety but for everyone’s enjoyment. 

2. Be patient Even in parks with an abundance of wildlife you still have to wait for your guide to find it. It helps to be quiet too.
3. Put your camera down Bring the digital SLR with a long lens or a compact camera with mega –zoom by all means. Just remember to snap some internal memories too with your eyes. Nothing beats watching wildlife in real time.
4. Take care of yourself Bring sunscreen, hats and plenty of bottled water. And if you wear contacts don’t forget the eye drops and spare pair of prescription glasses for if your eyes get irritated.
5. Watch and listen Open your ears to the birdcalls and your eyes to the birdlife the sky. A good pair of binoculars are essential. You’ll also learn about animal behaviour from your guide.

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