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Umbria: Sweet foodie dreams are made of this

29th November, 2017

What makes a dream journey? Is it the sun shining all the time, happy people, glorious scenery or unravelling and finding the true heart of a place? Turns out the pursuit of what brings us joy is the key. And is that not what Italy is all about? Well hold on here, because I am […]

What a find: 5 secret must-see museums in Paris

29th November, 2017

Ooo La La, Paris, the city of love, lights and museums. With gems like the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie it is easy to overlook the other fabulous 130 odd museums and monuments on offer. Last visit to Paris I challenged myself to discover 5 gorgeous alternatives where travellers can experience Paris […]

Galápagos Islands: Plan Your Perfect Getaway

30th October, 2017

What do Charles Darwin, Richard Gere, Bo Derek and Prince Charles have in common? They’ve all be to and been touched by the Galápagos Islands – that archipelago of volcanic islands and numerous tiny inlets wham bang on the equator almost 1000 kilometres from the nearest landmass – Ecuador, to which they belong. They are […]

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