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Tuk-tuks well travelled

23rd April, 2017

When in Cambodia I wondered where were the choked roads? The mad leap-frogging along narrow roads with someone hanging out the door touting for business? Stops made seemingly at the driver’s whim… the impossibility of making your way from the back of the bus before it is off and away and you are carried well […]

Siem Reap Sour Fish Soup

23rd April, 2017

This soup is super easy and quick to make, making it the perfect mid week dinner the whole family will love. . Siem Reap sour Fish Soup Ingredients: 2 litres fish or chicken stock 6 to slices of galangal 600g firm fish fillets cut into small cubes 2 tbsp palm sugar 4 tbsp fish sauce […]

Riding the Rails

23rd March, 2017

Adventure is a difficult word to define. For some it involves hanging off a cliff face 50 metres high. For others it is as simple as getting lost in an unfamiliar neighbourhood in a foreign city. Whatever your adventure we are always excited to help plan it – so when I was asked to arrange […]

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