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Hello from the Road – Loire valley

12th June, 2017

It started out innocently Just an off the cuff comment to a friend over Skype …. I really wish we could get together and catch up in PERSON – over delicious wine and food. Once I’d said it the idea took hold … we could not get the idea of a French getaway together out […]

Hello from a Spa Resort

28th May, 2017

My goodness me … This holiday is flying by … I’m already 4 weeks in. Right now, I am yearning for a good massage … Gotta say I’ve been loving my travels but oh my feet and knees are killing me … blame it on the cobblestones! Good thing my next hotel has a spa. […]

Hello from the Road – Sicily

18th May, 2017

I have travelled well through Sicily, and I hope wisely. It’s inevitable, even on a two week itinerary something has to give, that you can’t see it all. I had the joy this time of experiencing all but the Northern coastline –and this was achieved with enough downtime to offset the driving, and truly experience […]

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