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Responsible travel

The most interesting places are often also the most fragile ecologically and culturally. We believe it is possible to visit these special and unique places in ways that benefit the local people, their cultures, economy and environment, without sacrificing your comfort and authentic experience.

We do this by:

  • Using locally owned accommodation
  • Coinciding trips with vibrant local festivals providing a window into the  culture
  • Using a range of local suppliers and local guides to spread the  economic benefit
  • Visiting local artisans and supporting traditional crafts
  • Keeping group numbers low
  • Offering real life experience which promote cross cultural  understanding and respect for local rules and custom
  • Suggesting ways you can lend a hand to the communities you visit,  anything from taking reusable bags to markets to volunteering  experiences
  • Recommending restaurants and shops offering locally produced food  and where you can experience the authentic flavours, ingredients and  unique dishes of the area you are visiting
  • Helping you to use low impact transport wherever possible
  • Avoiding the exploitation of the vulnerable including women, children  and endangered environments
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